Genuine Roadside, Gotham West Market

Buttermilk Battered Chicken Sandwich with sambal mayo and celeriac/apple slaw

Strawberry Shortcake Milkshake 

Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop, Gotham West Market 

Roasted Barley Iced Tea, Yuzu Lemonade

Negi Salad: scallion, raw + pickled cucumber, shiso vinaigrette

Classic Shio: sea salt, chicken + dashi double, soup, pork chashu, rye noodle, egg, roasted tomato 

Vegetarian Shoyu: soy sauce + vegetable soup, enoki mushroom, rye noodle, egg, roasted tomato 

matzah pizza

meringue peeps and quinoa and tofu salad from Flour Bakery 

The Friendly Toast

Guy Scramble - eggs with cheddar, avocado, black beans & fresh salsa
Costa Rican - black beans & plum tomatoes under melted provolone; 2 sunny eggs & sour cream on top (with homefries & homemade toast)

huevos rancheros from Area Four

grilled cheese with tomato, onion and basil with roasted tomato soup 

"why yes I am a prefrosh" 

lunch at Northeastern 

winter maine sandwich with seaweed and sriracha mayo 

chickpea fritter platter with side salads

from Clover